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We have over 40 years of experience, and we will offer you the highest amount for your payments. Since we partner with the #1 bank in the United States in the purchase of the real estate notes, mortgage notes, land contracts, and deeds of trust. You will receive one lump sum payment. This will free you from any obligation of collecting payments, and you will no longer be responsible for the real estate note, mortgage note, land contract, or deed of trust.

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The second option is a partial purchase. This option allows you to sell only a certain number of the monthly payments remaining on the note. It is an excellent way to access a lump sum of cash from the note, and then continue to receive payments from the note in the future. Once a specific number of payments are collected, you may either receive the note back or sell more payments. This option increases the flexibility of your note by allowing you to receive a lump sum of cash at this time while still receiving payments from the note in the future.

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